Surf by Costa Rica

Surf by Costa Rica

Surf by Costa Rica

Posted at November 13, 2014 in Country Reports

Ever wonder how the internet appears to users from Costa Rica? The truth is, the internet displays differently to users from each location. An internet user from China sees completely different ads and content than a user from New York or Costa Rica. Some of the differences may be:

  1. Search Engine Rankings – When users from different locations search Google or Yahoo for the same search terms, they see different results. For example, a user from Costa Rica who searches for “online casino” will get different top listings than a user from France who searches for “online casino.”
  2. Sponsored Results – The advertising on search engines is also geotargeted by location. The sponsored results seen in Costa Rica are different from the sponsored results in Australia or Mexico.
  3. Website Content – Some sites even geotarget their content based on location. News sites like CNN, for example, will show Costa Ricans relevant news for their area and show different relevant news to users from Chicago.
  4. Online Advertising – Ads seen on websites and in applications also vary by location. When surfing a travel site like Expedia, for example, Costa Rican users may be shown ads for vacation spots that are closer to them while users from Japan will see their top destinations in ads.

But if you want to experience the internet like a Costa Rican does, there is an easy solution: simply buy the Costa Rican proxy. Using a proxy in your web browser, or a proxy VPN connection will enable you to experience the internet like a Costa Rican no matter where httpyou are! By selecting a proxy network with many locations, you can surf locally from any location. The GeoSurf proxy network includes 130 gateways; some of the most popular are the Argentina proxy, Italy proxy and UK proxy. Get started with GeoSurf today and buy Costa Rica proxy.