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Residential Proxy From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Residential Proxy From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Posted at November 13, 2014 in Country reports

The GeoSurf product suite – browser toolbars, VPN connections, proxy for mobile solution, PS3 proxy, and Direct Connect proxy API – are now available with our newest location: residential proxy from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Almost 6 million people reside in the Toronto metro area, and if your website, internet advertising, online application, mobile media, or playstation game is not geotargeting to them, you are missing out!

Before you start to customize your content for Toronto users, you may want to sneak a peek at how your competitors do it. If you are not physically located in Toronto yourself, this may be a difficult and expensive proposition!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to Toronto every time you want to emulate the internet user experience, simply start a free trial or buy the Toronto Proxy to experience ads, content, sites, apps, and games like Torontonians do! The GeoSurf products are available with over 130 locations, including various Canadian cities, that will help you take the guesswork out of your geotargeting. With GeoSurf, you can easily research your competitors’ local activities or test, validate, and monitor your own content and campaigns. You can surf locally without being local . . . in Toronto, San Francisco, France, Italy, China, Australia, and many more! Buy GeoSurf Proxy Today!