Tumblr proxies


Tumblr proxies

Posted at October 04, 2018 in Tumblr Proxy

If you are an internet user, you must have heard of social media and microblogging, which are becoming increasingly popular in the online world.

With so many people posting social media feeds up to a few times a day and using blogs to express their opinions on various topics, it has almost become impossible not to get involved in this entire concept.

As a logical consequence, the websites which combine content generation and social media feel hold an important place in the lives and on the screens of many internet users.

Tumblr is one of such websites – a microblogging platform that includes both social media interactivity and blogging elements. You can use it to create a short-term blog post and add multimedia content. Also, you can follow other users, comment on their posts, as well as share content with them.

However, Tumblr content varies greatly, and that is precisely the main reason why it is blocked in some parts of the world.


Some countries and institutions have banned Tumblr because of the adult content that can be found on this platform. According to some sources, as much as 22% of Tumblr blog posts contain some sort of adult or pornographic material.

This a strong enough reason for governments of certain countries to block Tumblr, thus eliminating access to inappropriate content on Tumblr. But even if there were no posts of this type, some countries simply block social media websites regardless of the content found on them.

Another reason why you might be blocked is because one of the users has decided to do so. If you have been spamming or harassing someone on Tumblr, they may outright decide to block you, just like on Facebook or another social media platform.

However, this will only prevent you from communicating with them, and it will not stop you from accessing your own account or communicating with other people.


Certain countries in Asia have blocked Tumblr due to its inappropriate content. This is the list of countries that decided to do so.


Starting March this year, users across Indonesia started reporting that they were unable to access Tumblr. The government of this country ordered a block of this platform due to pornographic content on the website as reported by Independent.


Similar to Indonesia, China blocks Tumblr to stop its residents from accessing inappropriate content.


At the beginning of 2016, the government of Pakistan blocked over 400,000 websites they regarded as offensive, including social media platforms like Tumblr.


The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Kazakhstan has blocked Tumblr due to content allegedly containing elements of terrorism, extremism and pornography.

Finally, a number of schools and companies across the US and other countries in the Western hemisphere have decided to block Tumblr and other social media websites. Why?

Apparently, these websites can easily distract employees and students, shifting their focus from tasks at hand, so network administrators have no choice but to prevent them from accessing such sites.


You can use two strategies to unblock Tumblr: a VPN or a proxy.


A virtual private network will enable you to bypass the imposed block. It works as a bridge by connecting you with a device in another country and allowing you to transfer data between your own device and the internet.

A VPN hides your IP address and thus makes your internet service provider unable to detect that you are trying (and succeeding) to access Tumblr.

However, VPNs have drawbacks such as a poor connection, lack of security and low speed, all of which can make your browsing session a nightmare.


On the other hand, you can use a server called proxy. Even though a proxy works similarly to a VPN, there are some important differences that are worth mentioning.

A high-quality proxy allows you to browse the internet with more security and better anonymity. Moreover, it gives you such a speed that you will feel just like browsing from a country where Tumblr is freely accessible.


Now, you may think that just any proxy can get you to Tumblr. But that is not the case, my friend.

First, the difference in quality between paid proxies is huge. Also, free proxies may seem like a good idea at the start, but very soon you will see for yourself that even though they don’t cost money, they are nothing but a waste of time.

By contrast, when you use premium Tumblr friendly proxies, you will be able to access any content you want, post to your heart’s content and connect with anyone in the world (that is, if they can access Tumblr).

Furthermore, network administrators will not be capable of blocking proxies on Tumblr, but this is only if you are using a top-notch proxy server.

If this is what you want your Tumblr experience to look like, contact GeoSurf and get your Tumblr proxies now.