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Posted at November 13, 2014 in Country reports

Tough it is relatively a small South American country (as shown on the map above), Uruguay is home to over three million people. About a third of the population, over a million people, are active internet users. If a million potential customers from Uruguay interest your company, then you must start geotargeting this location. Geotargeting has been proven to result in higher ROI of advertising budgets. Users simply respond better when languages, currencies, offers, and content is directed towards them. Whether it is through an ad network, on social media like LinkedIn or Facebook, or on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your geotargeting options should always be used to maximize your returns. Once you properly set up your targeted ads, you always need to make sure to verify that they are displayed properly. It may not be your fault that ads shown to Uruguay users are in French with US dollar discounts – but you will be paying the price, so it is your responsibility to check. Monitoring these ads does not mean you need to take a trip to Uruguay to see the ads the way local users see them. There is a much better options. Simply try or buy an Uruguay proxy. Through this proxy, you can easily check your ads, scope out your competitors, and hunt for new prospects in the Uruguay area. The GeoSurf premium proxy toolbar can help you with all of your proxy needs. We offer the toolbar with over 130 locations – you can try our Spain proxy, Germany proxy, South Africa proxy, or virtually anywhere in between! You can also use our services as a Desktop VPN, Mobile VPN or Direct Connect API.