What Is Hola?

08 Feb

The Internet speed is increasing from day to day. Just when you think that your current internet plan is fast enough, there comes another website or platform that demands a faster connection.

Moreover, a need for an all-inclusive network has become more than obvious ‒ but not the one that will include only safety, speed and reliability, as they go without saying.

Nowadays, the world is in search of a network that will include websites from all locations around the world, as well as provide access to people surfing from anywhere on the planet.

There are numerous attempts at solving this issue, some of them better than others. One of such solutions is Hola, which has been around for ten years now.

But What is Hola?

Hola is Hi in Spanish. It is a way to greet someone in an informal and friendly way. Ta daaa!

Just kidding.

If you have clicked on this article, you most probably want to know what is Hola in English. It is a web application that provides its users with a sort of proxy network.

It was founded in 2008 to provide safer, faster and more private connection. It operates as a peer-to-peer network to redirect requests from geo-blocked locations. Through the servers of the network users who live in non-blocked areas, it allows access to worldwide locations and thus circumvents the blocking.

In a nutshell, the IP of each Hola user acts as a proxy for all the other members. If you live in the UK, you can use your peer’s IP in the US to access websites that block you. But it also goes the other way around, as your American peer can do the same with your IP.

Now, this sounds great at first. There is no doubt about it. But when you scratch beneath the surface (as you should always do), you can find some rather concerning downsides of using this application.

Disadvantages of Hola

It would be great if all Hola members used the network to access websites such as Netflix, Reddit, etc. But in reality, they don’t.

Yes, you might use it for that and similar purposes, but you can’t guarantee that all your peers will do the same thing. And since your IP acts as an exit node for other network users, you don’t want them to engage in any suspicious activities.

The trouble is ‒ with apps like Hola, you can never be sure.

So, if a Hola user wants to download illegal content or perform online harassment through your IP, you’re in trouble, my friend. Sooner or later, your IP will be detected. And in that case, a banned IP will be the least of your problems. There might even be legal actions raised against you since there is no way to prove that it wasn’t you.

In addition, from time to time, Hola encounters a problem in the network, which they eventually do solve. But what if the damage is already too serious to repair?

With that in mind, you need to be extremely careful with apps like Hola. Yes, it is free and the idea is great. But in practice, it might bring you more harm than good.

GeoSurf Residential Proxies

Now, if you need to access geo-blocked locations, you might want to consider other solution that you can use as a Hola alternative.

The GeoSurf premium proxy network boasts 2 million fast, secure and private residential IPs in 130 countries worldwide.

When you choose one of our proxy plans, you will see that we offer the top-notch proxy service that will leave you wanting nothing more.

Hola alternative Reddit

People from some countries are not allowed to post on Reddit or even access it. If you are one of these people, you need to find a solid solution to this issue.

With GeoSurf, you will get access to worldwide residential proxies, which will enable you to read and post on Reddit to your heart’s content.

Hola alternative Netflix

You want to watch Family Guy, but Netflix keeps preventing you from entering? We know how it feels. We’ve been there.

Our residential proxies give you access to Netflix and similar platforms where you can watch videos and listen to music all day and night. Since we have a lot of residential IPs located in the United States, you will simply be redirected through one of them and watch your favorite show whenever you want.

As you can see, there is a whole lot better Hola alternative. You can use GeoSurf proxies to access any location across the globe. You will have a high-quality connection ‒ fast, secure and private.

And if you decide to use our online proxy browser extension ‒ GeoSurf proxy toolbar ‒ you will get the feeling that the entire world is in the palm of your hand.

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