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The internet has become so vast, intricate and rich of information that we could compare it to a glorious feast in a labyrinth. Just imagine it for one second: There are tons and tons of food, but we don’t always know how to easily find our way around it and find the food we like and need the most without wasting our time. In other words, do we really know how to gather the information that we’re looking for?

December 02, 2018
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Copping Sneakers with Residential Proxies – Complete guide

You want to be the owner of a coveted pair of limited-edition sneakers. You want to be one of the few people in the world to get their hands on them. There are just a few of these shoes being released into the market in a few days and thousands of people will try, just like you, to order a pair online.

November 20, 2018
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Say you’re considering to buy a proxy server for your data harvesting operations. Whether you plan to use a proxy for web scraping, price monitoring, ad verification, or other types of online operations, you want to be careful about picking the right service. To help you navigate the vast spread of options available out there, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes people and companies often make when they select a proxy server.

November 19, 2018
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Five questions you should ask your proxy provider

If you are using a proxy service for your data harvesting operations, you might want to step back for a minute and consider if you are using the best product on the market. Some providers seem to be reliable and offer a good product, but they don’t necessarily fit your needs, and at times may enable you to harvest falsified information, making the entire process counterproductive. Whether you need a proxy for social listening, ad verification, price monitoring, or any other operation, follow this easy five-step guide to ensure you have signed up for the best proxy plan.

November 01, 2018
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Product update, October 29

Today I’m more than happy to announce that GeoSurf is switching to a new and improved Dashboard infrastructure and user interface (UI). The rollout of the new dashboard for customers and users will be on November 5th, 2018. The transition will be seamless, there is nothing you need to, just log in to the dashboard like you always do.

The new GeoSurf Residential Dashboard UI is a more modern, faster, user interface meant to improve our customer’s experience alongside with feature requests we gathered from our customers.

October 29, 2018
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You must have heard of residential proxies. You wouldn’t be on this page if you haven’t. And while you know what proxies are in general, you are somewhat confused about different types of proxies.

Dedicated proxy, semi-dedicated proxy, shared proxy, private proxy, static residential proxies, dynamic proxies… There are so many of them that you find yourself lost in all these terms, let alone what they mean and how they work.

As always, we are here to help ‒ not only by explaining the difference between them but also by giving guidelines on using GeoSurf proxies in a new way – the long desired dedicated way!

October 24, 2018
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Best Sneaker Bots 2018

Check out our updated guide here: Best Sneaker Bot 2019

Haven’t you read our new, complete guide for Copping Sneakers With Residential Proxies?

The competition for limited-edition sneakers has never been as fierce as it is today. Everyone wants to wear the best shoes in the neighborhood, but this requires a certain amount of effort.

Some people stand in lines in front of brick-and-mortar stores, while others use sneaker bots for shopping sneakers online. In other words, some choose to invest their time in buying limited-release shoes, while others rather invest their money in a bot.

October 15, 2018
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SoleSlayer bot features, pricing and proxies

Hello, sneakerheads!

How are you feeling today? Waiting for a new release? Do you have your eye on a special edition you want to cop?

As an experienced sneakerhead, you probably know that trying to cop sneakers without a powerful bot is like trying to eat your soup with a fork. It is practically impossible to do it, and even if you somehow succeed, you will spend too much time doing it.

September 20, 2018
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StubTabs and GeoSurf proxy integration guide

StubTabs is a Firefox extension that let you open “Proxy-per-Tab” – StubTabs is designed to session all tabs in Firefox so each tab is a new browser.

From official homepage – “The simple, light-weight, and yet powerful multi-browser extension for your daily sessions! A different browser in every tab, designed specifically for Firefox You can open in one tab, then open in another one, as many as you want”

September 20, 2018
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This article is a small part of our “Ultimate Guide to Data-Mining Scraping with Proxies” editorial.

The Internet is full of information about everything and everyone. With so much data exposed, a great number of people use different methods to gather as much information as possible and get the most out of it.

One such method is web scraping, which is being increasingly used for business purposes. This article aims to explain the concept of web scraping, its applications and methods, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

September 03, 2018
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