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Residential IPs Proxy Network in Canada

Canada Proxy Server

There are currently 38,646 Residential Proxy IPs in Canada


Residential IPs In Canada

GeoSurf’s Residential IP proxy network helps you perform tasks such as web crawling, talent sourcing, and brand monitoring in total anonymity while passing as a random user, without the fear of being detected or blocked.

Our Residential Proxy Gateway, which has a different port for each country, allows you to access a pool of thousands of IP addresses in Canada. Log into the GeoSurf Residential IPs dashboard to get the complete list of available countries and ports.

GeoSurf’s Canada Proxy Network gives you access to Residential IPs located in different cities if you want to choose the exact location from which you want to perform your web operations. Whether you need IPs in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Change IP At Every New Request

With GeoSurf’s Canada Proxy Network, you can keep rotating between Residential IP addresses while you are performing a task. If needed, you can select a new IP address for every new request you send. Our pool of 3 million IPs gives you countless options so that you’ll never be detected or blocked.

Maintain The Same IP

You can also keep using the same IP address throughout the duration of an operation with our Sticky IPs feature. All you have to do is choose the preferred location and the rotation time corresponding to the time you need to complete your task – 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes – until you’ll get a new IP. This process is designed to maximize your success rate and get the job done much faster.

Change Your Location While In Canada

If you are in Canada and need to access content that is restricted in the region, you can change your location and choose to use an IP based in a different country.

Click here for detailed documentation and API example, log in to your dashboard to see the full list of the available countries.