GeoSurf Premium Proxy Overview

  • Saves time and money

    It is a straight-forward premium proxy that allows you to virtually hop around the world to view web content as it is seen from many locations. Anyone planning or operating campaigns in multiple geographical areas can save time and money by doing all of their research, QA, testing, validating, and monitoring all over the world with GeoSurf™.

  • Flexible

    While the easy-to-use proxy Toolbar is the most widely used component of our product suite, our customers rave about the options to use the VPN connection for changing the IP address of their entire machine in order to monitor ads on IM clients, casino applications, Forex software, and other desktop (non-browser) applications. For those who want to automate their data analysis and QA, we offer the Direct Connect API. GeoSurf™ has a solution for every need.

  • Secure and private

    Because we own all of the servers on our premium proxy network and host them in Tier 1 backbone data centers around the world, all of our users experience a totally secure browsing experience. Our network boasts the highest levels of reliability, availability, and security. We sign legally binding agreements with our customers that their search history or any other data will never be released or used for any purpose.

  • Fast

    Often times, when using free, hacked, or otherwise unreliable proxy networks, users report slow connections. Our proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network. Many clients report surfing with GeoSurf™ through gateways halfway across the world and experiencing speed as fast as their regular connection.

  • Credible

    Our company has a management team with roots in the online media business with experience and knowledge of what our customers need. We are legitimate and grounded – not a fly by night operation. Our corporate offices are in the heart of Tel Aviv and our staff is always available by phone, email, online chat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Committed to customer service and support

    Our account managers are always available and constantly and consistently committed to service and support. Our customers are highly satisfied by the personal service they get from our account managers.

  • Transparent

    GeoSurf does not alter the ads or content you see in any way. Ever. Viewing a site through GeoSurf proxy toolbar is just like actually viewing it from that location.

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