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For web scraping, traffic transit and more.

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Who uses direct connect API?


Connect via API directly to gateways on our global network of premium proxy servers to allow operation of automated scripts and web crawlers for scrapping geo-targeted content from websites.

IT and Operations

Connect with GeoSurf API in the most advanced, secured and efficient way. Suitable for any IT project which requires global transit of traffic and data including custom solution setup.


We optimize our networking capabilities to be able to drive high loads of traffic for the highest speeds out there which results in a 99.9% uptime, great connectivity, and a highly secured environment.


Our API is maintained on our own infrastructure and is compatible with Linux, Apple, and Microsoft machines. This way, everyone can connect with the API in a click of a button and use it right away.


Our proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network. Many clients report surfing with our solution through gateways halfway across the world and experiencing speed as fast as their regular connection.


Our API supports HTTP/HTTPS protocol across multiple platforms and can be integrated with any technology such as PHP, .net, Java, and so forth.

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$300/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Starter
  • 20GB / Month Residential
  • $15 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Email support
  • Auto Recurring
$450/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Professional
  • 38GB / Month Residential
  • $12 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated support
  • Auto Recurring
$1000/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Plus
  • 100GB / Month Residential
  • $10 / per additional GB
  • Unlimited Access IPS
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated support
  • Auto Recurring
  • Geosurf Residential Enterprise
  • 2TB / Month Residential
  • Dedicated pool of IPs
  • Over 2 million IPs
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Dedicated support
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