Surf like a human, not like a Server

Enterprise level proxy toolbar with Residential and Static IPs

Get Started

View Geo-Targeted Content

Start typing the name of the country you wish to surf from in the free text search box. It will immediately suggest the country you’re looking for, to make it easier for you.

Select Between Static and Residential IPs

Use the switch command to choose between Residential IPs or a Premium Static IP (data center).

Additional Features

Variable IP Rotation Time

If you use a Residential IP, you’ll have the possibility to set the IP rotation time between 0 (a new IP for every request you make), 1-minute and 10-minute time frames (if you wish to complete a cycle without switching to a new IP).

Clear cookies and cache

With just one click, delete all cookies and cache from your browser. The settings also allow you to set exceptions for cookies of websites that you don’t want to clear.

Full Page Screenshots

Save screenshots of publishers and advertisers’ web pages including everything above & under the fold in one click. Take multiple screenshots of a page from various locations to easily process and share geotargeted content with clients and colleagues.

Mobile Emulator

This function allows you to switch to different devices (let’s say, a Samsung Galaxy S7) and different browsers, including old versions

Try it today

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