Residential Proxy Network

For Web Scraping
For Price Monitoring
For Web Crawling
For Talent Sourcing
For Sales Intelligence
For Ad Verification
For Brand Monitoring
For Content Verification

Enterprise Global Residential IP Rotation Platform That You Can Count On

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2 + Million IPs in Every Country and Every City in The World

Total amount of worldwide Residential IPs in 192 countries

Using Millions of residential IPs will never get you blocked

The World’s most advanced solution for data harvesting, now offers residential IPs! Our Residential IPs are based on a P2P Network, which enables our clients the freedom to harvest the web by harnessing a pool of over 2 Million unblocked IPs.

Our inbuilt IP rotation API is tailor made for high scope & high-performance Enterprise level activities. This unique approach enables you to send unlimited parallel requests through millions of 100% verified working IPs; this means that you will never get blocked again.

Features at a Glance

Unlimited Clean Residential IPs

Over 2Million clean residential IPs. Our IPs are never detected as proxies. This combination of proxy masking & residential IPs gives us the ability to stay undetectable.

Coder Friendly

Our API has copy paste code examples in every common programming languages.

130 Geo locations

130 Geo locations including: US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and more.

Premium Support

Our Enterprise customers get quick and friendly premium support from a designated customer success manager via phone/ Email or Skype.

No Limits

Get full access to our pool of IPs without limitations and plans. You are unlimited! With the number of connections, threads and Countries.

Statistics & Dashboards

Detailed usage statistics for your account will allow you to monitor and optimize your data collection process.


$300/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Starter
  • 20GB / Month Residential
  • $15 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Email support
  • Auto Recurring
$450/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Professional
  • 38GB / Month Residential
  • $12 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated support
  • Auto Recurring
$1000/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Plus
  • 100GB / Month Residential
  • $10 / per additional GB
  • Unlimited Access IPS
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated support
  • Auto Recurring
  • Geosurf Residential Enterprise
  • 2TB / Month Residential
  • Dedicated pool of IPs
  • Over 2 million IPs
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Dedicated support
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