ASN - Geosurf proxy Glossary

What Does ASN Stand for?

ASN stands for Autonomous System Number. The Autonomous System (AS) is an Internet-connected collection of protocol networks that operate under single management and share a routing policy.

Every Autonomous System is given a unique Autonomous System Number (ASN) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). ASNs help distinguish between different networks and facilitate internet traffic routing among them. They are an integral part of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that is used to exchange routing data between various Autonomous Systems on the internet. ASNs are frequently utilized by Internet service providers (ISPs), data centers, and large enterprises that run networks.

What Is the Difference Between ASN and ISP?


The Autonomous System Number (ASN) is an identifier unique to one’s Autonomous System (AS). The term “AS” refers to AS as a set connected to IP networks operating within a common administrative domain for routing and administrative policy. ASNs help distinguish between different networks. They are an essential part of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) which allows for the exchange of routing information between various Autonomous Systems connected to the internet.


An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a business that offers Internet access to its customers. ISPs manage and control their own routers, servers, and other equipment to connect their clients to the Internet. ISPs manage their networks’ infrastructure, ensuring network availability and reliability and offering customer and technical support.

How to Find Out What Your ASN Is?

  1. Determine your IP address: Use an online tool to find your IP address.
  2. Utilize an ASN lookup tool: Many online tools permit you to find your ASN using your IP address.
  3. Check with your ISP: If you’re an Internet Service Provider (ISP) customer. Call your ISP and request your ASN. The ISP should be able to give you the information.

By using an ASN and taking advantage of internet routing, you can manage your online activities and optimize your online process. Using tools alongside this, like a Residential IP, Static Residential IP, or Private Proxy can maintain your anonymity, get you access to geo-restricted content and boost your online experience.