Bandwidth Throttling - Geosurf Proxy Glossary

What is Bandwidth Throttling

What is Throttling?

Bandwidth throttling is a technique whereby the bandwidth allocated to a network connection is deliberately limited in order to slow down data transfer.

How does throttling work?

Bandwidth throttling is typically employed by an ISP or the administrator of a particular network. In most instances, this method is utilized as a way of limiting network congestion. For instance, ISPs frequently use throttling to limit the data transfer for users who are seen to be engaging in high-bandwidth activities such as downloading, streaming, or online gaming.

Additionally, bandwidth throttling is sometimes utilized as a kind of soft block to prevent users from accessing certain websites. 

Is it illegal to throttle bandwidth?

No, it is not illegal to throttle bandwidth, so it is at the discretion of the administrator or network provider to determine when to use throttling to enforce their policies and terms of use.

Despite this, bandwidth throttling is the subject of some debate, with some claiming that it violates the concept of net neutrality by limiting users’ ability to interact freely with the Internet.

How do I stop bandwidth throttling?

It can be difficult to stop bandwidth throttling. By contacting your ISP, you may be able to get more information on their policies on throttling and upgrade to a plan which elevates you above it. However, ISPs are frequently unclear about when and why they utilize throttling, so there are no guarantees.

Since throttling usually occurs in response to specific online activities, your best bet is to find ways to prevent your activities from being monitored altogether.

Will a VPN or proxy stop throttling?

In short, yes.

Since all VPNs will route your traffic through secure tunnels and encrypt your data, using one can prevent ISPs from seeing your activities and throttling you in response.

Proxies can be used in this in this way, but it is important to note that proxies do not come with encryption as standard. As such, you should ensure that you avail of an encrypted proxy specifically if you wish to use it to stop bandwidth throttling.