Proxy Timeout - Geosurf Proxy Glossary

What is Proxy Timeout?

What is Proxy Timeout?

Proxy timeout is an error that occurs when the connection to the proxy server is lost due to network overload..

How do proxy timeouts work?

Proxy timeouts occur when a proxy server gets no response from an idle connection. When a predetermined period of time has elapsed with no action, the proxy will then deem it an error and terminate that connection.

Proxy timeout times are typically adjustable, allowing for longer or shorter periods of inactivity while using a proxy.

How do I change my proxy timeout?

You can change your proxy timeout by opening your proxy application settings. There, you can set the proxy’s timeout duration. Most proxy applications have pre-set minimum and maximum timeout parameters, but these can vary from one application to the next.

What is proxy error 502 timeout?

Proxy error 502 denotes that the proxy server has not received any response from the connected server within a set time.

Where are there proxy settings in Chrome?

Many browsers have proxy settings, and Chrome is no exception. This is to enable your browser to work in alignment with your device proxy settings if you choose to set up a private proxy

What causes proxy errors?

Proxy errors can arise for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly, proxy errors occur due to settings being incorrectly configured on the client side. Other reasons for proxy errors include server unavailability, network connectivity issues, and conflict with a firewall or antivirus application.

What does it mean when the proxy fails?

When a proxy fails, there is usually a simple explanation, such as misconfigured settings. To help solve the issue or troubleshoot the source of the problem, you can try the following:

  • Check the stability of your internet connection
  • Reconnect your proxy
  • Clear your cache
  • Alter or default your proxy settings

If you continue to experience issues, the next step is to content the user support team of your proxy provider for help.