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Sneaker Proxies – Unblockable & Anonymous

What’s a sneaker proxy?

A sneaker proxy is usually a hidden server or a P2P private peer. It has to be reliable, preferably on a broadband connection and you should get more than 100k IPs in order to rotate between them (also known as IP rotation).

All other proxy providers use proxies called “Data Centers”. The problem with data-center proxies is usually the fact that sites like Supreme Shoes, Sneaker-n-Stuff, Nike, EastBay and FootAction simply blocks the range of IPs and your shoe-bot or whatever you call it will get 404 errors.

All my proxies are blocked. What should I do?

First, you shouldn’t worry because with GeoSurf’s Residential IP Package you can’t get blocked. Never. Ever.

All our residential IPs (2M and still counting) are 100% anonymous, unblockable, untraceable and we guarantee 99% uptime with rotating IPs.

Is there any API for my ready-made bot?

Of Course.

At GeoSurf, we know how important an API can be and that is why we constantly updating the ease of integration as well as keeping the resources required by your machine as low as possible.

Be sure to check out our API multi-request option for multi threaded sessions.

Are your proxies complaint with shoe / task bots?

Of Course.

Our proxies won’t let you down when it comes to integrating with 3rd party services. Visit our integration guide and see how should you configure our proxy with your bot.

Sneaker release calendar

Checkout our comprehensive sneaker release calendar. Browse Sneakers by dates and stay updated.

Bot Compliance: (BNB) (BNB)

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What GeoSurf Can Provide Me With?

Unlimited Clean Residential IPs

Over 2Million clean residential IPs. Our IPs are never detected as proxies. This combination of proxy masking & residential IPs gives us the ability to stay undetectable.

Coder Friendly

Our API has copy paste code examples in every common programming languages.

130 Geo locations

130 Geo locations including: US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and more.

Premium Support

Our Enterprise customers get quick and friendly premium support from a designated customer success manager via phone/ Email or Skype.

No Limits

Get full access to our pool of IPs without limitations and plans. You are unlimited! With the number of connections, threads and Countries.

Statistics & Dashboards

Detailed usage statistics for your account will allow you to monitor and optimize your data collection process.

Residential IPs for Sneaker sites

Geosurf Residential IPs proxy network is ideal sneaker sites including Supreme, Nike, Champs Sports, Footlocker, Eastbay, Zebras and more…

Easily integrate our Residential IPs proxy network with sneaker bots such as AIO bot, Another Nike bot, EasyCop bot and more….

Integration Guides:

AIO sneakers bot integration guide, EasyCop sneakers bot integration guide.

Country Port

Evey country has a different country port in our Residential Proxy Gateway. Go to your Geosurf Residential IPs dashboard to get a full list of available countries and ports.

Every request gets a new IP

Different IP for every request you send through a pool of 2M IPs

Sticky IPS

Define the timeframe from 1-10 minutes and use the same IP using sticky IP session


$450/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Starter
  • 38GB / Month Residential
  • $12 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated Support Agent
  • Auto Recurring
$900/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Professional
  • 90GB / Month Residential
  • $10 / per additional GB
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated Support Agent
  • Auto Recurring
$2000/ month
  • Geosurf Residential Plus
  • 250GB / Month Residential
  • $8 / per additional GB
  • Unlimited Access IPS
  • Residential IP’s in 130+ countries
  • Dedicated Support Agent
  • Auto Recurring
  • Geosurf Residential Enterprise
  • 2TB / Month Residential
  • Dedicated pool of IPs
  • Over 2 million IPs
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Dedicated support
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