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Residential IPs for Social listening

Social listening means monitoring the performance of your online brand and following the relevant conversations that take place on social media to gain knowledge and insights on the market and your competitors.

Most online conversations today take place on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is therefore important to know how to orient yourself in this landscape and how to track those conversations (such as tweets, replies, and comment threads) that can be relevant to your business. Whether you want to understand how your brand is perceived online, or you want to monitor what your competitors are doing and how they are performing, social listening is the key tool for you.

Social listening allows you to…
● Track mentions of your brand
● Find conversations relevant to your market
● Analyze customer behavior
● Research specific keywords

In recent years, social listening has also become popular among journalism start-up companies that gather user-generated content.

In order to monitor social media effectively, companies often use tools to track them from one single platform. These tools allow you to avoid wasting lots of time and energy to monitor conversations manually.

How to prevent being blocked

When you’re scraping the web for information, in particular if you use scraping tools that work fast and on multiple sites, there is a high risk that you will be detected and blocked by your target sites. If your target site recognizes that you’re trying to scrape its data, its server will block you.

A common solution to prevent being blocked is to use a proxy server, which allows you to use – and even rotate between – Residential IPs. These IP addresses look unsuspicious and help you gather the data in total anonymity. Beware that if you’re using a proxy server but the IP you’re using is not residential, you might still be detected.

A good proxy network like GeoSurf helps you perform social listening while hiding your IP address and maintaining a secure connection.

You should try Geosurf, Because:

  • It gives you access to millions of residential IP addresses from all over the world
  • It’s easy to use. You can change your location with just one click or with our API
  • The pool of Residential IP addresses ensures you will never be detected or blocked

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What GeoSurf Can Provide Me With?

Unlimited Clean Residential IPs

Over 2Million clean residential IPs. Our IPs are never detected as proxies. This combination of proxy masking & residential IPs gives us the ability to stay undetectable.

Coder Friendly

Our API has copy paste code examples in every common programming languages.

130 Geo locations

130 Geo locations including: US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and more.

Premium Support

Our Enterprise customers get quick and friendly premium support from a designated customer success manager via phone/ Email or Skype.

No Limits

Get full access to our pool of IPs without limitations and plans. You are unlimited! With the number of connections, threads and Countries.

Statistics & Dashboards

Detailed usage statistics for your account will allow you to monitor and optimize your data collection process.

Residential IPs for Ad Verification

Geosurf Residential IPs proxy network is ideal for monitoring & analysing
real time video ads & banners.

Easily integrate our Residential IPs business proxy network.

Integration Guides:

Sales intelligence integration guide

Country Port

Evey country has a different country port in our Residential Proxy Gateway. Go to your Geosurf Residential IPs dashboard to get a full list of available countries and ports.

Every request gets a new IP

Different IP for every request you send through a pool of 2M IPs

Sticky IPS

Define the timeframe from 1-10 minutes and use the same IP using sticky IP session