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GeoSurf is a must-have for every media buyer’s tool belt by Roi Carthy on Techcrunch

I have a thing for money-making, and simple solutions to obvious problems, and GeoSurf sure is one of those. This may come as a surprise to some, but even though it’s 2011, if you’re a media buyer, you pretty much work in the dark. I mean this in the sense of media buyers’ ability to actually see their ads on the properties they bought digital real estate on, as well as the ability to see which advertisers are bidding against them.

Pretend you’re somewhere else with GeoSurf by Michael Kwan on

In case you haven’t already figured it out, the Internet is an international place. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re looking to promote your own business, it pays to have a global perspective. How your website looks in Louisiana may not be the same as how it looks in Laos. Offering a simple way for you to get this worldwide viewpoint is GeoSurf. The idea is that you can get the “local perspective” from many different local areas. Over the course of this review, we’ll see how it works, how well it works, and whether it’s worth your investment.

Get social with GeoSurf, the toolbar that gives the local perspective on Sfgate

GeoSurf™, the browser add-on that allows users to “Surf Locally, without being local” is now on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. As the global economy is investing more in localized advertising, GeoSurf™ is seeing an increase in demand for its services. By using the GeoSurf™ Toolbar, companies that target advertising to many local areas can log on as if they are actually located in the various areas. They use this service to check that ads are displayed correctly, research their competition, and profile new leads. The toolbar is in use all over the world in industries like online media, casual gaming, gambling, social media, and many others. GeoSurf™ offers a network of fast, reliable, secure premium proxy servers in 70+ global locations.

Answers served: BiScience’s person talks GeoSurf on Adotas

For many companies, expanding means aiming big, but online business intelligence provider BiScience has kicked off 2011 by going small… Or rather smaller. Having accumulated a high-profile list of enterprise-class clients, the developer of GeoSurf – a toolbar that allows advertisers and publishers to experience advertising in another country – among other online business intelligence products is setting its sights on small and medium players in the industry.

Affiliates get a local user’s view: interview w/ Cameron Peron, GeoSurf on HasOffers

I had the privilege of interviewing industry leader Cameron Peron yesterday, who’s doing some amazing stuff with a product called GeoSurf. As everything continues to shift toward a more global economy, savvy advertisers and affiliates need to be providing the best ads and content to the right geographical segments, and GeoSurf has certainly been a thought leader and innovator, providing affiliates and so many other businesses with a simple means of accomplishing that.

Head of AOL messaging (AIM) and CEO of ICQ named CEO of BiScience on Yahoo! News

Orey Gilliam, former head of AOL Messaging (AIM) and CEO of ICQ is now leading BIScience, a successful solutions provider in the online advertising industry. Gilliam hopes to propel GeoSurf, the company’s proxy network toolbar, to new heights. More importantly, Gilliam promises innovative new products that will revolutionize the entire online marketing world.

GeoSurf enables casual gaming professionals to surf locally – without being local on PrWeb

GeoSurf™ has sent an elite team to the Casual Connect show in Hamburg with a special offer. Anyone who is interested in trying out the application, which enables users to get the local perspective in 70+ global locations, will get free access simply by speaking with a GeoSurf™ team member.

How to view your website from the perspective of another state or country on The3dtechnologies

I’ve been around affiliate marketing for quite a while and I have to admit that anyone trying to make money from this method must know about the importance of having a global perspective of your business. A little trouble comes when people surf on your site from a different country. Often, search results do not display a site in the same manner. Sometimes they don’t even load fully.

Premium proxy service enables web surfing from Tampa on Market Watch

GeoSurf Premium Proxy Servers released a fast, secure, and reliable proxy server in Tampa, Florida, today. This, in addition to its 89 other proxies around the world and throughout the United States enables online advertising professionals to surf the web as if they are physically located in Tampa (or virtually any other location).