Customer Testimonials | GeoSurf


GeoSurf™ has customers from all sectors of the online media world: Advertisers, Publishers, Ad Networks, Digital Agencies, Affiliates, and others. All of our customers have in common that GeoSurf™ has greatly benefited their business. Below is the feedback that some of our customers have shared with us:

With GeoSurf, we are able to replicate user experience on social sites like Facebook from anywhere in the world

With GeoSurf, we can build truly global applications and experience our games as users from every corner of the world

GeoSurf, although expensive, is a solid one-stop solution that will probably be worth your while if you require a multi-country proxy

We at iMesh are constantly using GeoSurf in the Marketing, Development, and of course, the QA departments. Since we started using GeoSurf, it is now easier than ever to research and qualify new markets and verticals that we haven’t yet explored. GeoSurf saves us LOTS of valuable time!

Finally, we found a safe & secure tool that allows us to surf the net from all over the world

GeoSurf is by far one of the most powerful tools Secco Squared uses on a daily basis. The intelligence we gather from GeoSurf allows Secco Squared to stay ahead of the curve

As QA Manager/Lead Tester for an organization that currently performs financial transactions in over 60 countries worldwide, GeoSurf has been an invaluable tool, allowing me to perform verifications of transaction flows and localized UI components that I would otherwise be unable to check in person. This reduces test cycle times immensely and in a lot of circumstances allows me to do testing that I simply would not be able to do otherwise

GeoSurf is a flexible and powerful tool that has proven invaluable to our international ad operations. It’s customizable, easy to use and furthermore, they’re always innovating with their products – they listen to their customers