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Proxy configuration

Proxy configuration for Windows
Learn to configure a proxy on Windows. This will work when using Chrome, Edge & Internet Explorer
Proxy configuration guide for Mozilla Firefox
Configure Mozilla Firefox browser to use your proxy
GeoSurf Toolbar Pro
Use GeoSurf Toolbar Pro for AD verification & content compliance

Proxy integration

How To Rotate IPs With GeoSurf
Learn what is and how to use different rotation times for different tasks
Insomniac browser integration guide
How To Use Insomniac With GeoSurf’s Residential Proxies

GeoSurf dashboard

Part 1 : GeoSurf Dashboard overview
Complete overview of the new GeoSurf Dashboard
Part 2 : Manage IPs
How To Whitelist your IPs in GeoSurf’s Dashboard
Part 3 : GeoSurf Gateways
How to choose the right gateway and IP location in the GeoSurf Dashboard