Use Colombia Proxy

Use Colombia Proxy

Posted at November 13, 2014 in Country reports

To properly geo-target web content and advertising on your site to users from Colombia, it is important to get their perspective. Do you know what Colombian users are looking for? Do you speak their language? Have you seen how other sites specialize their offers and messages for user from Colombia?

To properly get in the Colombian user’s proverbial shoes, web professionals must arm themselves with a high-quality Colombia proxy.

When you have access to a gateway proxy that is physically located in Colombia, it is easy to connect first to that computer, and then, through that computer, connect to desired web sites. By connecting through the proxy, you emulate the experience of a real user who is physically located in Colombia. Instead of using your own IP address to target advertising to you, websites will use the IP of the proxy and you will therefore be served Colombian ads and content.

You can (and should!) use your Colombian proxy first to scope out that geo-location. Get a true understanding for the area and its users. Get a grasp on what your competitors are doing to target users from Colombia. Once you do all the research, you can then set up the geotargeting on your own site to show special content to Colombians. And once the targeting is set up, it is back to your Colombia proxy to test and make sure everything is working properly.