Posted at June 02, 2018 in Ad Verification

If you are a marketing expert, you know how powerful ads can be and what they can do for your brand.

Starting from newspaper ads back in the past and going all the way to Google ads today, brand visibility is an essential aspect of each business. You simply have to advertise your product in order to sell it. No matter how good your product or service is, there is little chance that people will buy it unless they can see it in an ad.

Nowadays, most brands opt for internet ads to stay visible to their potential customers. However, the Internet is an incredibly complex realm, so there are numerous issues with this type of advertising in spite of the long list of its benefits. Precisely for this reason, ad verification is necessary in modern advertising.

Do you know what ad verification is? Are you familiar with its benefits? Read this article to find out.


Ad verification is a process whereby online marketers verify that their ads appear on the intended websites and reach their target audience.

But why do they have to check this if they already paid for the ads to be shown?

As we already stated, the Internet is a very complex world of its own. That is why, from time to time, things don’t go quite as they were planned. One of such examples is online advertising. There are so many ads online that it is completely understandable that some of them get displaced or omitted no matter how advanced Google’s algorithms may be.

In addition, there are a number of people looking for ways to defraud companies who pay for ads. They do this by faking ad traffic. One of the ways fraudsters do this is by creating a fake website and using malware to simulate large human traffic. They attract ads to their servers and as a consequence, many ads are never really shown to people.

Faced with this problem, software engineers and marketers had to find a way to verify that their ads are placed on the right websites, shown at the right time and to the target audience that is relevant.

That is how ad verification was born. It is a very efficient and reliable way to verify if you are getting the online advertising services that you paid for.


With the help of ad verification software, this method helps online marketers verify if ads are placed on relevant and credible websites as well as if they are shown to the right people.

There are five aspects that ad verification services cover:


If you advertise laptops, you want the ads to be placed on relevant websites. These would be websites related to technology, not clothing retail websites.

Therefore, site context ensures that an ad appears on a website which is relevant to the product or service advertised.


You are launching your product, say, in the US. Naturally, you want to present it to American customers, so you are targeting relevant websites which are browsed by people living in the US.

Geo-targeting feature verifies that your ads are shown in the area that you selected.


Where do your eyes wander when you are reading a post on a website? You probably don’t know because you do this unconsciously. But there are people who are experts in this and they know very well where ads should be placed.

Ad placement sets the ad on a particular webpage and in the appropriate position on the page so that it is highly visible to the website visitors.


If two or more competing companies want to place their ads on the same website, they shouldn’t be shown within a short time interval.

Therefore, they are separated and shown only after a certain time period.


Finally, fraud detection ensures that your ads actually reach people and that the traffic is genuine.

This feature is maybe even the most important since millions of dollars are wasted annually on ads that are never shown on real websites.


Since this is an increasingly popular field which helps marketers get a real insight into their ads placement, it is only natural that there are a number of ad verification companies out there.

However, you should be careful when you choose your ad verification service. You want a company that uses reliable ad verification software and can really offer you the best service.

It is worth mentioning that proxies are irreplaceable in this whole process. They will enable you to access websites located in a foreign country as if you were browsing the web from there.

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